School of
Creative Software

The School of Creative Software is an experimental school teaching code as a creative medium. We offer online workshops that focus on the expressive side of working with code.

Upcoming Workshops

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Our School Principles

Open Access. The school operates online using a Choose-What-You-Pay model. We believe that coding and design education should be accessible to everyone regardless of income level or location.

Open Code. Our codebases are open-source and available on Github. We believe that the future of creative coding will be built in community with each other.


A portrait of Romello Goodman.

Romello Goodman is a designer, educator and printmaker located in Washington, DC. His practice explores code as a creative medium in various forms and methods. In the past he has taught Graphic Design at MICA, as part of Cooper Union's Type@Cooper program, and led workshops at Index. He believes in a world of computing that includes artists, creatives, designers, engineers, and you.

School of
Creative Software

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